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Mandalay Family Clinic has a team of qualified neurologists to take care of you. We have medical centres in both Hoppers Crossing and Footscray.

Neurophysiology Services at Mandalay

Mandalay Family Clinic aims to provide a comprehensive neurophysiology service adapted to your condition. One area we specialise in is nerve conduction study to identify nerve damage.

By stimulating nerves with small and safe electrical pulses on the limbs, we measure a patient's response to determine the presence or progression of a disease and possible course of action.

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Neurology Hoppers Crossing

Identifying minor or major nerve damage

Our Services:
  • Family medicine
  • Refugee health
  • Men’s and women’s health
  • Minor surgery and procedures
  • Dermatology and skin checks
  • Medical examinations
  • Neurophysiology services
  • Botulinum toxin clinic
Our Guarantees:
  • Experienced and highly qualified GPs
  • On-site practice nurse
  • Accident and emergency care
  • Sexual health and much more
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What is Electromyography?

Electromyography is the use of electric shocks to stimulate and measure the response of muscles and nerves. The process involves inserting small needles into the muscle and reading the waves of electrical activity displayed on a monitor.

Displayed in graphs, sounds or numerical values, these waves are examined by a specialist. Once accurately studied, we can determine the presence or severity of nerve or muscle dysfunction.

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Advanced techniques to check muscle dysfunction

Neurology Yarraville

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